Wine Bar

Cheese Menu

Select three cheeses. Served with grapes and gourmet crackers. | 12

Mountain Gorgonzola Creamy and sliceable, with a fudgy texture and a blue bite

Red Dragon Buttery, spicy cheese with plenty of bite

Horseradish Pecan Cheddar Zesty horseradish and roasted pecans

Smoked Gouda Raw cow's milk Gouda with hints of woodsy smoke

Cheese of the Month

Appetizer Menu

Tempura Fried Calamari Tender calamari crisply fried and served with a Cabernet Sauvignon marinara | 12
(Note: Only served during restaurant hours)

Panko Crusted Brie Wedge Baked brie wedge, paired with Messina Hof Gewürztraminer Raspberry Chipotle Sauce | 10
(Note: Only served during restaurant hours)

Caprise Salad Fresh sliced tomato, sliced mozarella and basil leaves drizzled with balsamic vinegar | 8


Messina is proud to serve you the following wines on tap:

Blanc du Bois




King Cabernet


Since art is intrinsic to the production of wine, Messina Hof values the art industry in all its form. If you are an artist and would like the opportunity to display/sell your artwork in our Wine Bar, please call 1-800-736-WINE ext 244. All prospects will be considered, though Messina Hof will select work that is in keeping with the brand and association of the company.

Musicians who would like to perform at the Messina Hof Wine Bar may call 1-800-736-WINE ext 224 for initial screening.

The Arts Council of Bryan, TX has partnered with Messina Hof in the 2014 Artist Competition. Click here for more details.

Also, join us for Chocolate Night!