Dinner White as Snow


While the blizzard slowly encased us on the outside, we sat in warm comfort gazing out the snow flocked windows. The white walls, crisp white linens, and glossy white porcelain china that presented our dinner by Chef Angelo D’Amico seemed a prefectly planned choreography of table and the snow.

Chef D’Amico has been celebrated as one of the top chefs in Italy and is fortunate to have his own beautiful restaurant within UNA Hotel il Molino. His credentials sounded good but often credentials lead to unfulfilled expectations. Chef D’Amico did not disappoint. The menu was local foods prepared in high art style.

With each course Daniella Mastroberardino presented wines from her family winery, Terredora, as well as wines from others. She artfully paired the wines and foods while giving a lively and passionate overview of the wines and their makers.

Highlight of the evening for us was a squid “sausage”. The chef used the squid as the casing tube and stuffed with a delicious mixture of seafood, herbs, and rice served on toasted bread. The plate was painted with squid ink swirls anda tomato “Pizzaiola” sauce.

UNA Hotel il Molino is of a chain of hotels in Italy. This one was in Benevento. Though it is a restoration of an historic mill building, it has a very contemporary interior with extra special amenities. Free WIFI available at all times with easy access was especially important. In most other hotels where we stayed the WIFI was portioned by time and then the password changed periodically. Here the user could maintain the same password at all times which is very helpful for the business traveler.

Men and women receive individual care kits with different products. Women receive cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Men receive aftershave balm, hair gel, and moisturizer for hands. A nice touch for making the guest feel extra pampered.

Though the snow is still falling, the rooms are warm and cozy with a view of the white fairyland garden through the window. For information about UNA Hotel di Molino contact