Family Scapbook


Greetings!  This week we are reflecting on family history and celebrating our many blessings.  Paul V. and Merrill are currently cruising around the Mediterranean with a group of our fabulous VIPs for the annual Messina Hof Wine Cruise.  Last year they explored the Caribbean, and this year whisked them away to a seven-day extravaganza tour out of Rome, Italy and continuing through Sicily, Greece, Turkey and Crete.  This cruise is especially close to our hearts since it includes touring and wine tasting in Messina, Sicily where the Bonarrigo wine making heritage first began in the 1800s.

In other exciting news this week, on 29 May 2011 little Sophia Marie officially turns one year old!  Paul M. and I are stunned at how quickly this past year has flown by for us.  Sophia is a true blessing, and she shares her joyful exuberance with everyone she meets.  Stop by and see us at the winery, and Sophia will show off her new hospitality skill – waving hello.  She is working her way towards walking, and we predict that she will be running through the vineyard during Harvest this year.  With her birthday just around the corner, now the important questions arise.  Cupcakes or cake?  “Guess My Vintage” T-shirt or party dress?  At least we already know what wine we will be serving for the adults – Sophia Marie Rosé, of course.

In honor of Memorial Day on Monday, thank you to all of our current and former service members for their sacrifices and dedication to our nation.  Thank you to all the military families for their own unique sacrifices.  As a former Marine Corps family, we understand the challenges.  My prayers extend to those military families that have lost loved ones in conflicts here and abroad.  We are very grateful for our military’s honorable service.

Best wishes,