Go Texas Restaurant Roundup


Texas Department of Agriculture has created a great program to promote resaurants that actually do support local – producers and wineries.  On October 1st a select group of restaurants in Texas who support and promote local producers, growers, and artisans, will be featured in a promotion to bring focus to what is grown locally and produced locally.  It is called Go Texas Restaurant Roundup.   The Vintage House at Messina Hof is proud to be serving dishes featuring producers and artisans from the Brazos Valley.

In addition, there are many other restaurants in the Brazos Valley and around the state who will be serving Messina Hof wines in support of the Go Texas Restaurant Program but also in support of October is Texas Wine Month!  Yes,  not only is October the Texas Restaurant Roundup, it is also the month we celebrate all the great wines made in this state!  Please be sure to ask your favorite restaurant to participate in some way  to serve local.  For more information call the Vintage House at Messina Hof at 979-778-9463.              Salad - Eat Locally ProducedBuy!