Happy New Year!


2012 is off to a great start. The New Year’s Eve party was the best ever at Messina Hof this year. My favorite wine cocktail was the Dazzletini. My favorite outfit (other than Paul’s) was Steve Hanes who came in a red sequined jacket. My favorite dance team was the McCarley’s. (Even with a strained thumb Mike can twirl with the best of them.) The best news of the new year was that Sophia Marie Bonarrigo will become a big sister in 2012! Yea! More grandbabies!

Hopefully you have written your blessings of 2011 along with your goals and objectives for 2012. One of my goals is to be healthier and eat more chocolate. The eat more chocolate came after reflecting on some of my personal favorite blessings of 2011 which included all the great chocolate my sweetheart gave me, the Wine and Chocolate Wednesdays at the Winebar that have become my favorite Wednesday after hours getaway, and the Orange Cello infused Papa Paulo Port Brownie bites that I made for Christmas. Chocolate is a health food, right? Anyway, whatever your goals and secret desires of your heart, may the Lord bless you with their realization in 2012.