New York Trip begins


The alarm rang at 2:00 am and we jumped out of bed.  I felt great and in control, jumped into the clothes that I had carefully laid out, gathered the remainder of my list and packed them.  Paul is running around pulling clothes and throwing them into a suitcase.  He calls me from the front of the house – “where is my leather coat?”  I run to help him find it and then go back to packing.  Two minutes later – “where is a box for the wine?”  I run to help him find a box to wrap the wines.  “Where is the bubble wrap?”  Now I am behind and still have on no make up.  Two minutes later he says  “It’s 2:30 already.  Where did the time go?”  He is not even dressed yet.  We looked like 2 of the 3 stooges running in circles and going nowhere.  I get back to hair and makeup.  Five mnutes later he is yelling  “Let’s go!”  How does de do that?!  He is dressed and finished packing in five minutes.  More later..