Oh What a Night!


Oh What a Night! Father and Son Bonarrigo receive the beautiful silver spurs at the San Antonio Rodeo wine event on Friday night. 2012 has been such a landmark year. It was just a magical moment to see the two of them share the blessing. I do say blessing because to win Best of Show in three major international competitions in one month is just unheard of. We are very thankful.

San Antonio held a wine auction where a 9 L. bottle of the winning Cedarcrest Vineyard Cabernet Franc was sold. The bottle was literally a work of art. Not only was it etched on both sides with the label and San Antonio Rodeo logo, it was handpainted by our own Virginia Purswell. The label looked just like the printed one executed in oil.  Thank you Virginia!  The lucky bidders got liquid art and visual art.

Last night Paul and I made the Italian gnocchi recipe. Paul is particularly good at making the fork shapes! The nice thing is that you can make a whole batch or double batch. Roll them and put them on a baking sheet. Then freeze them and bag them in individual portions. We make 5 meals from one batch of dough.

Have a great week!

Cheers,  Merrill