Paul returns to the Neighborhood


On the way to the Bronx, we stopped at the Annex Market on 6th and 25th.  In route, hundreds of people dressed in every version of Santa outfit you can imagine approached us.  We wondered if it was a Salvation Army riot.  As it turned out, all these people were the result of a viral internet event planned at Macy’s.  What a phenomenon. From the annex we took the subway to the Bronx and walked all the same streets where Paul had played stick ball, buck buck, and splashed in the fire hydrant water.  The neighborhood looked much cleaner and in better health than the last time we visited.  Nonna Bonarrigo’s house was still there but the rest of the block had been raised and new condo’s had been built.              

Nonna Bonarrigo’s House Apartment, where Paul was born

Artuso’s bakery did not disappoint with the rum cake and cannoli.  We did a taste taste with the rum cake from Edigios.  Both were excellent but Artuso’s definitely has more rum flavor.  I particularly liked the fig cookiies from Edigio’s. Paul’s memories of Mario’s drew us there for lunch.  We had their famous clams Oreganato, margherita pizza, and escarole saute’.  all three went very well with a McWilliams Chardonnay.  My personal favorite was the escarole.  Not only did it have great garlic but a very nice broth that definitely added to the flavor.