People of Umbria


Italy, Wine, Tourism, & Wonderful People: the four magic words! Many countries have wine. Every country has regional foods. Every country has tourism. What makes a unique wine tourism experience is the combination  of all packaged with loving, passionate people who share themselves with the visitors. Umbria has all of these.

Though American visitors can be unprepared and sometimes demanding, they desire the Italian experience.  Italy is working hard to develop a visitor friendly destination that entices more tourism. Special people who recognize the need to protect and continue the Italian lifestyle while accommodating needs and expectations of foreigners work to create relationship bridges. Two such passionate people we met were Teresa Severina and Chiara Lungarotti, owners of Lungarotti winery in Umbria.

Not only did we get to visit their beautiful winery, dine fireside at their guest center, and be personally escorted to city center Perugia, but we caught their contagious passion for the Umbrian wine experience.  What is exciting is that though Italy has a very long history of winemaking, the excitement of Umbria has only begun in the 60’s. They offer the romance of history with “out of the box” winemaking and grape growing. More and more wineries reject the old standard of DOC or DOCG wines which require particular grapes in the wines. They are opting for IGT or IGP wines that allow more diversity. They are planting new varieties many of which are doing better than the historically allowed varieties and are making better wines.  Today’s wine buyers appreciate such boldness and innovation.

Lungarotti has led the way with the first female winemakers, opening a wine museum and an olive museum, managing a wine destination hotel and wine therapy spa. It is worth a trip to Umbria.