Pinot Noir with England Cream Clam Chowder


We had the opportunity to taste a Viognier and a Pinot Noir with England Cream Clam Chowder and a wedge of Canadian Cheddar cheese.  The Viognier was a perfect pairing for the Clam Chowder, to which was added some of the Viognier, but was totally overwhelmed by the cheddar cheese.  The Pinot Noir on the other hand was a perfect pair for the cheddar but did not go well with the chowder.  When I crumbled some of the cheddar cheese into the clam chowder, the Pinot Noir was a perfect match and in fact was my favorite pairing of the two.  Always use wine as the constant and change the food to complement it.  You will be amazed at the great discoveries you will make.  What are the best wine pairings you have created?