Pizza Pals with Messina Hof Wines


The Pizza Pal was a cheese pizza that was lighter flavored than the Red Baron’s 4 Cheese pizza we had tried earlier.  It was good with the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Muscat Canelli.  The Muscat was light and frity and really balanced well with the saltiness of the cheese.  Frankly, the only wine that we did not enjoy with it was a Chilean Torrontes that we had in the refrigerator.   The dry white tasted too acidic and thin with the pizza.   The Torrontes we tasted had a strong Sauvignon Blanc characteristic and very light on the fruit.  I could not find a picture of this one but it appears to be available as a fundraiser item with private labels under different stores logos.

Messina Hof Muscat Canelli