Port and Chocolate


Russ Kane is a good friend of Texas Wine.  He and his wife Dehlia were instrumental in forming the Wine Society of Texas.  They helped to recruit many Texas Wine Ambassadors to support our industry. 

Each year Messina Hof does a port and chocolate feast where I pair a port with every course showing that even salads and entree’s can marry nicely with ports.  One of the best articles ever done about the event was Russ’s so when he wrote and requested permission to rerun it, I was thrilled. 

        “I especially like wine and food experiences that take people and wine out of their conventional genre and context. Well, this one really filled the bill. It is not very often that a gourmet meal starts and finishes with port wine and, where every course includes chocolate….”,  writes Russ.

Follow the link:  to read more about Port and Food pairing.
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