Portuguese Hospitality, Infante Sagre


Hotel Infante Sagres is Oporto’s Neo-Baroque landmark hotel. Not only was the interior of heavily carved furnishings blended with unique contemporary art furnishings. These “art” furnishings were exhibited and for sale in the hotel. Additionally, we were struck with the similarity of the beautiful stained glass in the stairwell to that in the Villa at Messina Hof. Event the classic service in the Boca Do Lobo restaurant complemented the generous and personable management.

Over a beautifully presented meal of fish soup, the traditional Bacalhau, fruit, and chocolate mousse with orange, Paulo the general manager graciously led the table in discussion. When he learned of the Bonarrigo passion for antiques and fairs, he offered to take us with him to one that was happening the next day.

As scheduled, he not only took us to the fair but then took us to another dealer’s location in Oporto who opened his shop just for us that evening. The shop was filled with the most interesting antiques. Paul and I got a plate with a design depicting the cork harvest and a hand tinted print of the port house docks on the Dour. This was extraordinary hospitality and it seemed consistent all over Portugal.

If you ever make it to Portugal, please do look up the Hotel Infante Sagre.