Portuguese Hospitality


You have heard me speak of the wonderful hospitality we experienced in Portugal. From Joanna, the Marketing Director for Amorim Cork, who drove two hours to pick us up from our trade show and deliver us to meet our group, to Paulo, the General Manager of Infante de Sagre, who on his day off drove us to an Antique Fair in a village nearby Oporto, we experienced the Best of Wine Tourism Hospitality. 

Joanna took us to Quinta Nova which is a beautiful property in the Douro with breathtaking views of the river and white dotted terraced hillsides. The Wine Hotel located there was the first in Portugal and in an 18th century manor house. The original chapel is still open and the property provides walking trails with maps, train station tasting room in the town center, as well as opportunities to participate in the harvest.  When we were there the almond trees were in bloom.

Why are the terraced hillsides white dotted? Under the weight of the harvest bins on their backs, the harvesters would lean forward making the openings to the terrace steps difficult to spot. By painting the openings to the steps white, the harvesters could quickly and easily spy the entrance.