Sauces 101


File:M-A-Careme.jpgHistory tells us that chef Antonin Carême developed a system of four basic sauces called mother sauces:

Béchamel is based on flour and milk.

Allemande is based on stock with egg yolk & lemon juice.

Espagnole is based on brown stock, beef etc.

Velouté is based on a light broth, fish, chicken or veal.

Then chef Auguste Escoffier updated and broadened the system:





Tomato sauce


File:Spargel sauce hollandaise.jpgFrom these “mother sauces” most other sauces can be made.

Knowing that these are the basic sauces and that from these sauces we can create any dish we want to complement our wines, we need to know how to make these sauces and even keep the elements of these sauces in our kitchens. Please post your favorite recipes for these 6 sauces.

In my own kitchen, I have not used sauces with flour or animal stock bases for the last 5  years. 

Tastes and desire for lighter less fattening dishes drew me toward fruit and vegetable based sauces and salsas. I want to revisit the old and then share new directions.