South Beach Living Pizza with Messina Hof Wine


The next combination we tried was the South Beach Living Spinach and Mushroom Pizza with Harvest Wheat Crust paired with several different wines.  We really expected to prefer the whites with this since it had a creamy style sauce.  However, it turned out to be pretty versatile.

The Pinot Grigio and Merlot were our favorites.  The dry white Pinot Grigio paired beautifully with the spinach and cream while the Merlot really went well with the mushrooms.  This is a good pizza to serve with both white and red wines.  Mushrooms are such a great ingredient.  They soak up  the flavors around them and are really great with wine.  We use Monterey Mushrooms at the Vintage House restaurant in many of our dishes because they help create such an affinity with theMessina Hof Pinot Grigio wine           .