Thank you for attending “Murder at the Baths”


Thank you to all who attended our Halloween Murder Mystery Dinner, “Murder at the Baths” on October 29, 2010. The night began with a wine and cheese reception as guests marveled at surrounding attendee’s costume choices. We had everything from a pregnant slave to a lion tamer, carefully guarding his stuffed lion all evening.

As the evening progressed to reveal the leader of the Senate had been boiled in his personal thermal bath, guests scavenged to unveil the clues from other participants to obtain an accurate guess! With the added competition for best actor and best dressed, guests fully captured the audience to reveal their dress and character to the fullest attempt.

The meal for the evening was not lacking in quality or attention either! It began with exquisite braised duck tucked into wonton skins and ended with fabulous cinnamon caramel custard, paired expertly with wines.

Again, thank you for attending Messina Hof’s Murder Mystery Dinners.

Please call us, or view our online calendar, for details on our December Murder Mystery Dinner, “Twas the Night before Murder”  that will be on Friday, December 10th. There will be great times here at the Hof!
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