Cheese & Wine Pairing Class w/ Mozzarella Cheese Company


Date(s) - 11.03.22

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

This fun, educational class is led by a Cheese Expert from the Mozzarella Company and Messina Hof General Manager, Amber O’Sheal. Learn about pairing Mozzarella Company’s artisanal Texas handmade cheeses with Messina Hof’s Award Winning Texas wines. Guests will get to enjoy 6 to 8 cheese samplings with 6 wine tastings.

About Mozzarella Company:
Paula Lambert fell in love with fresh mozzarella in Italy and decided to bring the art of cheese making home to Texas. Since 1982, the tiny factory in downtown Dallas has made award-winning cheeses the old- fashioned way – by hand. Using fresh milk and the finest Texas ingredients, Mozzarella Company consistently produces cheeses that are recognized across the country for their high quality.

Although the Mozzarella Company now produces over 100,000 pounds of cheese a year and more than forty different products, one thing still hasn’t changed: Each and every cheese is made completely by hand.

Our cheesemakers practice the art of cheese making to ensure that every bite exceeds your expectations. Our cheeses are all made completely by hand following centuries-old recipes, using the freshest ingredients.