10 Facts About Messina Hof Ports


In honor of our upcoming Harvest Festival, here are a few facts about the Messina Hof Ports! Each of our Ports are unique in their own way and have a interesting stories setting them apart from the rest. Enjoy!

One of Messina Hof’s most awarded varietals is its Ports! They have won over 160 awards in national and international competitions.

Messina Hof’s Ports are some of the first ports in the world to be produced naturally without brandy fortification! This is achieved through a unique method, which eliminates the traditional use of brandy to reach a higher alcohol content.

Messina Hof’s Lenoir grapes, also known as Black Spanish grapes, are grown at the Estate located in Bryan, Texas as well as the Hill Country Winery.

Five of the six ports created by Messina Hof are made from the Lenoir grape grown in the Bryan Estate vineyard: Private Reserve Papa Paulo Port, Barrel Reserve Port, Paulo Port, Tawny Port, Ebony Ports of Call.

The Hill Country Winery location, located in Fredericksburg, Texas, creates their own Papa Paulo Port that is different from Messina Hof Ports from the Bryan Estate. This the only Messina Hof Port made using the traditional Brandy fortification method.

The Tawny Port features a replica of the stained glass window that hangs in the Founders home and was hand created in 1977. The stained glass was originally made by Merrill Bonarrigo as a wedding gift to Paul V. Bonarrigo and now has become the infamous Tawny Port label. Also, did you know? – Tawny Ports are typically made to be drank soon after bottling unlike all other ports.

For Messina Hof’s 40th anniversary, we released a 40th anniversary Papa Paulo Port that featured a label that tributes one of Messina Hof’s original label designs; a sleek gold and black label with our traditional writing style.

Ports have the highest alcohol content compared to other wines, standing at 18% -22% instead of the average 11.5%-13.5% alcohol content of red wines.

The artwork on the label of the Private Reserve Papa Paulo Port is from the first winner at the annual artist competition in 1984! Congrats to the winner, Maurice Schulz!

The Lenoir grapes that are hand harvested and stomped from the Harvest Festivals at the Bryan and Fredericksburg Estate locations are used to make our ports and wine! Enjoy the Ports that you have helped create!

Grab a Port from Messina Hof locations and see what all the talk is about… Cheers!