Popular Food and Wine Pairings

Messina Hof has developed exciting and flavor-forward tasting guides to help you combine our award-winning wines with your favorite dishes and events. From Thanksgiving and holiday parties to cheese plates, football games, and more, make our wines the featured star at your next culinary experience.

Pangburn's of Texas Millionaires

Messina Hof Winery, in partnership with Pangburn’s of Texas Millionaires, invites you and your loved ones to celebrate and enjoy a virtual tasting featuring Messina Hof’s award-winning dessert wines and Pangburn’s Milk Chocolate Millionaires.


Holiday foods are larger than life – big flavors, heavy textures, rich ingredients, and lots of herbs and spices. Complex dishes encourage dynamic wine pairings that can flex in different directions. Since your guests will have different palates and will enjoy different elements of dishes, it’s important you have multiple wines available for sampling.

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Eat, drink, and be merry with the perfect holiday food and wine pairings. When planning your festive feast, you should focus on balancing the dishes and beverages. Watch the dominant flavors in a dish, and remember that spices, sauces, and cooking preparation can have a bigger impact than core ingredients.

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Both wine & chocolate naturally have sweet qualities, but it’s the varying degrees of bitterness and acidity that can make pairing dynamic and sometimes challenging. The best way to combine these decadent delicacies is to find an even balance where you can distinguish their individual characteristics.

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A classic pairing with so many possible combinations! Start your flavor exploration with a few popular cheeses complemented by some of our favorite wines.

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Pairing wine and fruit can be a little tricky. The key is to balance the sweetness and acidity in both elements. Our suggestions definitely take into account the wide varieties of fruit flavors available.

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Wine isn’t just for high-end dining. The next time you throw a party for a big game, treat yourself and your guests to a dynamite food and wine pairing experience featuring ultimate fan favorites for game day celebration!

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