10 Things You Might Not Know About Sparkling Wine


  1. According to experts, New Year’s Eve is the biggest day for sparkling wine consumption with more than 360 million glasses served in the United States.
  2. There are 90-110 pounds of pressure per square inch in a bottle of sparkling wine. (That’s more than three times the pressure in car tires!)
  3. Texans consume the 5th most sparkling wine in the United States with California at number 1, followed by Illionis, New York and Florida.
  4. The longest record flight of a sparkling wine cork is more than 177 feet. (Greater than the distance of an Olympic-sized swimming pool!)
  5. Sabrage is a technique for opening a bottle of sparkling wine with a saber.
  6. The fizz in sparkling wine comes from its significant levels of carbon dioxide.
  7. In the movie adaptations James Bond drinks sparkling wine more than any other beverage. (Nearly 40 glasses and counting!)
  8. To each their own! Clinking your glass is not required toasting etiquette.
  9. Mimosas (a popular cocktail composed of equal parts sparkling wine and orange juice) is believed to have been invited in 1925 at the Hôtel Ritz Parisby Frank Meier.
  10. The frothy head of sparkling wine is known as the mousee.

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