2023 TEXSOM Award-Winning Line-Up


The results are in! 168 Texas wineries took home TEXSOM Wine awards this month. This year, we submitted nine wines from our 2020, 2021 and 2022 Vintages to be judged. All nine landed awards ranging from Gold to Bronze Medal recognition!

What is TEXSOM?
TEXSOM was founded in 2005 as the Texas Sommelier Conference to promote professional wine service standards and raise public awareness of certifications and professional standards for wine stewards. What initially began as an opportunity for Texas wine stewards to learn and train has since evolved into an international event for wine professionals to network and grow. In 2014, TEXSOM expanded from an annual sommelier conference and competition to include wine awards of international scope.

TEXSOM Awards unify the wine industry to identify and champion quality selections from around the world!

TEXSOM Judging Procedures:
Wines are categorized for judging by state or country, category type (Varietal Red, Sparkling, White Traditional Method, or Fortified Red Blend), appellation, and then wine type (Cabernet Sauvignon, Vintage Port, or Brut).

  • Large categories are randomly split so that no panel is asked to taste more than 60 wines in the same category.
  • Judges are given the category name, official appellation, grape type or blend, and vintage in order to accurately assess each wine.
  • No bottles are visible to judges at any time until the entire competition is completed.

2023 TEXSOM Wine Awards:
The 2023 TEXSOM Awards were judged April 30 to May 3, 2023, at Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas. The Awards received over 2.300 entries representing 25 countries and 19 U.S states. This year our Winery received nine awards! Take a look…


Messina Hof 2023 Winning Wines

2020 Paulo Tempranillo – Gold Medal

Dry, full-bodied red with nuances of dark cherry, dried cloves, and vanilla. Pairs well with poultry, grilled or smoked red meat, and tomato-based sauces.


Silver Winning Wines

2021 Mourvédre Artist Series – Silver Medal
Our Mourvédre is a bold, dry red with rustic elegance. A smokiness can be picked up on the nose earthy tones. Black fruit flavors alongside hints of olive marinate provide a natural roundness making this Mourvédre pair well with spiced wild game and smoked red meats.

2022 Gewurztraminer Artist Series – Silver Medal
Dry, medium-bodied white featuring tropical fruit characteristics and notes of lychee and ginger. Its exotic flavors make it a perfect pairing with spiced, dynamic cuisine, poultry, pasta, and seafood.

2020 Petit Verdot, Private Reserve – Silver Medal
Bold, full-bodied red with notes of molasses, blackberries, and dark cherries and herbaceous undertones of sage and lilac. The strong flavor profile and heavy tannins pair well with rich cuts of red meat, well-aged cheese and wild game.

2021 Chenin Blanc, Lepard Vineyards – Silver Medal
Dry and airy white with bold notes of pear, honeysuckle, and lemongrass. Its medium acidity pairs beautifully with lobster, garlic butter sauces and vegetarian dishes.


Bronze Winning Wines

2021 Sangiovese, Artist Series – Bronze Medal
Medium-bodied, fruit-forward red with smooth notes of tart cherries and plum complemented by earthy undertones and a hint of spice creating a flavor profile that pairs well with tomato-based pastas and rich meat dishes.

2021 Sémillon, Private Reserve – Bronze Medal
Medium-bodied dry white with high acidity levels and crisp aromas of chamomile and melon. Pairs well with shellfish, chicken, and cream sauces.

2021 GSM, Grenache-Syrah-Mourvédre – Bronze Medal
Medium-bodied red with a blend of rich flavors like cherry, blackberry, and plum complemented by a hint of spice. This GSM pairs well with savory meats like lamb or pork with assorted herbs and peppery spices.

2021 Merlot, Private Reserve – Bronze Medal
Dry, red with a perfect balance between rich oak and delicate fruit. This merlot is intricately laced with cherry, blackberry, and cassis flavors with hints of vanilla, violet and spice. Pairs beautifully with lamb, pork, and pastas with rich, hearty sauces.



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