7 Facts About the Lenoir Grape


Since it’s Harvest season and the picking of Lenoir grapes grown at Messina Hof’s Estate Vineyard! In honor of this yearly celebration, we bring you 7 facts about Lenoir!

  1. Production of Lenoir has been documented in Alabama, California, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana and Texas.grapes eblast
  2. This grape is unique in that it is one of the few varietals to bleed red juice. (Majority of grape juice is clear and takes the red wine color during fermentation)
  3. Texas leads the production of Lenoir grapes in the United States.
  4. Early Spanish Missionaries used Lenoir for Communion wine.
  5. Lenoir is also know by many other names including Black Spanish and Jacquez.
  6. The origins of Lenoir are mysterious, but we do know it has been growing for hundreds of years.
  7.  Lenoir (as well as Blanc du Bois) is highly resistant to Pierce’s Disease.