8 Wines You Need in your Home Wine Cellar


Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to compete in the Houston Rodeo Uncorked! International Wine Competition alongside 3,071 entries from 18 countries, including Argentina, Bulgaria, France, Israel, Italy, South Africa and Spain. Of those entries, 531 entries were from Texas wineries, and 160 entries came from this year’s featured region, Australia. We are honored to have brought our submissions back as gold medal wines, and winning the Top Texas Winery saddle award!

We are excited to showcase theses wines and look forward to sharing them with you. Read below to see what makes each of these wines unique, award-winning, and deserving of a spot in your home cellar!

2020 Artist Series Sangiovese: Messina Hof’s Sangiovese delights with balanced flavors of rustic earthiness and tart cherries.  Tannins and acidity are counterbalanced with light oak aging to provide roundness that pairs well with roasted game meats or dishes with a hearty tomato sauce.


2020 Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon: This Cabernet Sauvignon has great fruit flavors and a medium to full-body mouthfeel. Our special aging process adds spicy tones of pepper, blackberry, and vanilla giving beautiful complexity to this hearty Bordeaux-style wine.


2020 GSM: GSM is for the sophisticatedly-curious. Upon first taste, this medium-bodied wine leaves the palate with a blended synergy of
rich flavors like blackberry, cherry, and plum with a hint of spice. Enjoy this hearty blend with savory meats like pork or lamb complemented with assorted herbs and peppery spices.


2018 Paulo Primitivo: Because they are extremely close in DNA, Primitivo has many of the same characteristics of Zinfandel. Paulo Primitivo has aromas of dill with intense flavors of ripe berries and a touch of pepper.


2018 Paulo Sagrantino: An exquisite bold wine with flavors of black plum and dark, jammy fruits. As this wine undergoes extensive oak aging in brand new fusion oak barrels, delicate hints of spice and earth begin to develop. Unique and exclusive, it is the first Sagrantino to be grown in Texas.


2018 Private Reserve Petite Sirah: Petite Sirah is a full-bodied wine with strikingly deep violet hues. Equally bold aromas of dark tea leaves and smoke entice the nose. Flavors of wild black cherries and plum coat the mouth with hints of baking spices from oak aging. Rich tannins create structure bold enough to pair with strong flavors and herbs such as black pepper, clove and rosemary.


2018 Sagrantino Reserva: Our Sagrantino Reserva is a dark red wine with intense tannins and rich, jammy fruit flavors. Oak aging adds hints of vanilla and cinnamon with earthy undertones.


2018 Sparkling Rose: Sparkling Rosé is a dry sparkling wine with a hint of sweetness that excites with lively flavors of fresh strawberry, pomegranate, and cranberry layered with notes of bright citrus and a crisp, delicate finish.

*Some of these vintages are no longer available, but we look forward to sharing the most current vintage with you.*