A Perfect Pairing of Two Texas Traditions!


The holiday season isn’t complete without tamales and wine shared among family and friends! So, what’s the best way to pair these two traditions? Messina Hof and the Texas Tamale Company teamed up to bring you our suggestions…

Beef Tamales and Cabernet Sauvignon: The spicy tones of pepper and vanilla in the Cabernet Sauvignon is a great complement to the chili pepper seasoning of the savory Beef Tamales.

Black Bean Tamales and Merlot: The rich flavor and berry aromas of the Merlot brings out the flavors of cilantro and Tex-Mex spices in the Black Bean Tamales.

Chicken Tamales and Moscato: The bold flavors of cumin and garlic in the Chicken Tamales are a perfect match to the semi-sweet notes of lemon in the Moscato.

Spinach Tamales and Riesling: The flavors of spinach and Monterey jack cheese of the Spinach Tamales pairs well with the semi-sweet, light-bodied Riesling.

Pork Tamales and Sangiovese: The rustic earthiness and tart cherry notes of this dry red wine bring out the savory seasoning of the Pork Tamales.

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