mulled wine with oranges

A Toast to Being the Host


December is around the corner, the glimmer of Christmas lights are reappearing, and loved ones are packing up their sleighs and coming to visit.

As we wrap up the year, it can be easy to get lost in the long list of holiday to-do’s and lose sight of the magic of Christmas entertaining.

This year, we are putting a stop to overwhelming feelings by offering a few tips that will help you turn your home into a warm, inviting space to host visitors. Follow these tips, let the stress melt away, and watch as your party is a success like snow time before!

Kick-off your holiday event with a savory line up of gourmet bites. Guests will enjoy the delectable appetizers and will feel more comfortable breaking the ice with other party guests, once they have something to munch on. Tip: Try Messina Hof’s gourmet food items.

Make your event feel lavish by using appropriate glassware for the wines you are serving. Presenting Port sippers, Champagne flutes, contemporary, stemless glasses, and classic table wine glasses with their corresponding sips will add an extra touch of elegance to your evening.

Non-alcoholic Options
Stock up on non-alcoholic options too! Providing sparkling juice is a great way to accommodate those who can’t or choose not to drink, making them feel included. The Messina Hof red and white sparkling grape juices are delicious!

Make your party POP! Feature sparkling wines to add liveliness to your party and remind guests that they are attending a celebration! Want to really wow? Feature a mimosa bar with fresh fruit!

Save hours baking special treats by pouring your dessert! A dessert wine is a delicious and easy way to perfectly conclude an evening.

Now raise a toast to the best Christmas host!