A Toast to Texas Sparkling Wine!


A Toast to Texas Sparkling Wine!

Bring on the bubbly! In honor of upcoming celebrations we are raising a glass to Texas Messina Hof Sparkling WineSparkling Wine. Traditionally a celebratory drink, sparkling wine rises in popularity during the holidays. Here are some tips for making the most of your sparkling wine this season…

How to drink it: Drink your sparkling wine from a flute. Flutes are specially designed to help retain the carbonation as long as possible. Also, don’t forget to chill your wine! The ideal serving temperature is between 42 and 52 °F.

How to pair it: Messina Hof Sparkling Wines come in 3 flavors – Brut, Almond and Rosé. One of the perks of Brut is its versatile pairing options. You can drink this wine with anything from a seafood pasta dish to fried chicken! For Almond and Rosé, try broiled or grilled fish or chicken.

How to liven it up: Sparkling wine is the perfect drink to get creative with! Create your very own special drink or stick with something classic like a Mimosa. The possibilities are endless. Check out some sparkling wine cocktails by clicking here.

Pick up your Messina Hof Texas Sparkling Wine today for an unforgettable celebration!