About Us


Messina Hof is a winery, a travel destination with guest center, wine bar, restaurant, bed and breakfast, and event venue. Each department exists due to the work of our Messina Hof family members. Messina Hof is blessed with great family members.

When you see our wines on the shelves in stores and on wine lists around the states, it means that one of our Messina Hof family members in our Distributor Wholesale Sales Department has been working to make that happen. These family members are Sam Clark, Robin Allen, and Libby Jones. Sam is our Vice President of Sales and overseas all distributor relationships. It is interesting how the Lord brings people together. Sam Clark managed the distributorship that represented the Messina Hof brand in the early 90’s. Then years later the Lord reconnected us and he joined our family. Robin Allen represents Messina Hof in Austin, San Antonio, and West Texas. Libby Jones represents Messina Hof in the Bryan-College Station area. We so appreciate them!

This team plans and runs wine demos and tastings throughout the state. If you are an ambassador, then you work with them to coordinate and plan your events. We love our ambassadors who are such great supporters of Messina Hof and represent us so enthusiastically at tastings.

For more information about being an ambassador in your area, please contact Brittany at 979-778-9463 ext. 230 or to get started!