Back from the Road


Jeff and DianePaul and I just returned from Wineries Unlimited in Virginia where I spoke.  It was an excellent show and we were proud to showcase some of our Messina Hof wines.  There were so many great speakers and wonderful winery owners from all over the United States.  After the meeting, Paul and I had the opportunity to visit several of the Virginia wineries and found them to be wonderful.  If you are ever in that area, we particularly recommend Veritas.  Plus, during my talk about great Messina Hof extended family members, I showed a slide of Jeff and Diane Griffiths – longtime family members who now live in Georgia.  I commented on the many years that the Griffiths have never missed a Wine Premier and drive from Georgia to share in the day each year.  All of a sudden a hand went up in the audience.  It was a Georgia winery the Griffiths frequent!  What a small world.  Messina Hof family members are everywhere (photo of Jeff and Diane)

As in every such meeting there are lots of sales data and information shared.  They tell us all about you – the consumer.  It occurred to me that you may or may not agree with what they say about you.  For instance, 51% of you actively buy local.   It is the #1 reason that you give for buying our products.  23% of Americans are just overwhelmed at the shelf and really do not know what to buy.  Of course, you do not fit that category since you know you like to buy – Messina Hof  🙂  If you are a millennial, 51% of your group drinks wine at least 1x/week.  You do not buy based on dollars but on occasion.  The largest consumers of wine are still the baby boomers but the millennials are the fastest growing group of wine drinkers.  Watch out Boomers!  What do you think?  Do you fit their descriptions?  Leave us a comment with your response to this blog!

On a personal note, we are extremely proud of the Aggie lady basketball team.  Congratulations on a huge first in the Final Four!  What a team spirit.   Go team!  We are cheering all the way!