Bleu Cheese Experiment


I am happy to share the technique and you can use whatever cheese and herbs you choose. I created 3 different blends.

Take ½ cup of cheese in each of 3 bowls. ( I used gorgonzola.)  Add 1 Tbsp of cream to make the cheese more of a spreadable texture.  Since cheese has so many different textures, you may need to had more or less cream to get the right texture.

In each bowl add ¼ tsp of herb or spice and blend well so that the seasoning is evenly distributed in the cheese.  I believe that I used rosemary in one, cracked black pepper in the second, and dried dill in the third.  You can use anything.  Chopped dried fruits, cayenne pepper, lemon or orange grated rind, etc.  Just be sure to remember to label your bowls so you can identify easily what you did.

In Randy’s case I selected herbs and spices that complement red wines since he loves reds.  But, if you are serving white wines, you can add flavors that complement white wines.  It is amazing to see how the flavor of the wine changes with each different cheese blend even though the only difference is the one added ingredient.

Plus, you can go to our website and find suggestions for flavor affinities with herbs and wines under our wine and food pairing webpage.