Bonarrigo Bulletin


It is hard to believe that despite how quickly the Harvest season began, that it is already wrapping up in the Grapesnext few weeks.  Our Harvest celebrations here in Bryan were a huge success, and we thank everyone that helped make this summer’s events very enjoyable.  I adored being able to teach the Food and Wine Pairing session this year and share some of our wonderful Texas vintages with the public.  It was a joy and honor to present some of the passion that Merrill has instilled in me about food and wine to others.  One of the most enjoyable aspects of wine is sharing a beautiful bottle of vino with loved ones through the course of a meal.

Our first inaugural Harvest at Messina Hof Hill Country in Fredericksburg was a fantastic event.  The vineyard was beautiful, and sharing that special moment of our first Harvest with so many friends and family members was a great blessing.  My mother and sister were in town with us during the weekend’s events, and I loved the opportunity to celebrate the new vintage with them.  We have many more grapes coming in from all across Texas now into our Bryan facility for processing and fermentation.  Every week brings more opportunities for more award-winning wines!

Paul and Merrill are on the road sharing Messina Hof wines with restaurants in Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Houston and touring outside of the state as well.  When you are at your favorite restaurants, always request Messina Hof wine with your meal to help further the cause to get Texas wine in every Texas restaurant.  If your favorite restaurants already serve Messina Hof, please be sure to thank them for their support.  We are very grateful for restaurants, bars, and stores that take the pledge to support local.