Bringing Wine to the Backyard BBQ!


In need of some wine pairing advice for your upcoming backyard BBQ? Here’s some of our top picks for your party…

For something heavier like briskets, steak or burgers, grab a dry red with rustic tannins to keep the BBQ feeling alive. Big, bold reds stand up to the smoke, flavors and spice. We suggest Sagrantino, Tempranillo or Petite Sirah.

When it comes to lighter meats like chicken or fish, remember that grilling adds texture and complexity, so even lighter proteins will take on a maturity. Take your pairings up a notch! For fish, try our Sophia Marie Rosé and when it comes to BBQ chicken pair with a juicy Primitivo.

For all the vegetarians out there enjoying grilled veggies, try Gewürztraminer or Sauvignon Blanc. When grilling “green” notes often present in raw veggies fade away as they caramelize and sweeten with the impact of the grilling heat. Crisp whites will pair deliciously with these flavors!