Can Wine be Healthy?


If you love to drink Messina Hof wine and love to stay healthy, you’re in luck! We have found some great information on the health benefits of drinking wine!  Through many years of making wine, we have come to find out that it has been known to purge fever, disinfect and dress wounds, and used to nutritional supplements. 

Wine is a mild tranquilizer, serving to reduce anxiety and tension.  If used in your normal diet, wine will provide your body with energy, substances to aid digestion, and small amount of minerals and vitamins, it can also stimulate your appetite! 

With red wine it is said to believe that moderate consumption on a regular basis may be a preventative against coronary disease and some forms of cancer.  The chemical components, catechins, are to function as anti-oxidants preventing molecules from doing cellular damage.  Also in red wine, a compound called resveratrol, may boost the immune system, block cancer formation and possibly protect against heart disease and ever prolong life.  Resveratrol also is said to inhibit formation of a protein that produces a condition called cardio fibrosis, which reduces the heart’s pumping efficiency. 

More evidence has shown that drinking wine dilates the small blood vessels and helps to prevent angina and clotting, the alcohol in the wine will help balance cholesterol. 

Remember to always stay active, do a physical activity a few times a week and also enjoy a glass of Messina Hof wine in moderation.  Remember to not overindulge your wine consumption and always be safe!