Can You Serve White Wines with Beef?


The old culinary claim that red wine is best for beef and white wine is favored for fish and poultry has disappeared. Today, most people believe that wine and food combinations should be what one likes the best.

As a general guideline, try to match the weight of the food with the weight of the wine. Or, in other words, the alcohol content of wine to the protein or fat in food. Some good wines to pair with beef are White Zinfandel, the slight sweetness gets a lot with proteins in the beef.

Try and cook the beef in a way that each portion does not have an abundance of char on the outside. The bitterness will overwhelm the light taste in the wine. When you have a cream sauce made from the same wine you are serving the flavors will mesh and create a great combination between the wine and the beef. White wines are now great choices to pair with beef.