Can you still drink a 2007 Muscat?


As I was digging around in my wine cave’, I found a 2007 Red Lexia by Alice White.

It was at the bottom and very back of the cabinet – lost for all time. Since we were havingfruit and Gerber Graduates Arrowroot Cookies for dinner, a rose’ seemed perfect for the evening.  (Yes, grandparents do have Gerber products in their cabinets and they eat them!). 

 I dubiously opened the bottle of rose’ while thinking that it would be “over the hill”.  To my surprise it was great.  The fruit was still fresh and the finish was slightly dry – a perfect pairing for the fruit and the cookies!  Guess what I found on the back label of the wine.  It said, “Give it a go…with…light desserts like fruit tarts and almond cookies.”  Bingo! 

Lesson reiterated was that if you maintain a bottle of rose’ at the correct temperature and in the correct environment, you can extend its life significantly.  This was obviously a well made bottle of wine.  The other discovery was that this wine was a Red Muscat of Alexandria.  Alice White must have been one of the first producers of Red Muscat and it was in 2007.  Red Moscato was not printed on the front of the label at that time.  Suddenly today, Red Muscats have been discovered!  Alice White was ahead of its time.  Today, their Lexia has Red Moscato front and center on the label.