Canned Wine: Thirst Down!


Canned Wine Makes A Touchdown!

First down? Psshh…more like thirst down! Monday, January 13th is the College Football Championship, and we can’t wait to sip back and watch with friends and family while enjoying Messina Hof canned wine! Although other alcoholic drinks are commonly associated with sports games, a new rival has possession of the ball. Pop open a can of Messina Hof wine, and learn why it will be your new go-to sports drink!

Bang for your buck: 
Each can holds 8.5 fluid oz of wine (a standard glass of wine is 5 fluid oz. You do the math.) Talk about a big save!

Do your heart a favor. Wine contains antioxidants called polyphenols that may help protect the lining of blood vessels in your heart!

Real fruit:
The crisp, refreshing flavors you taste in our canned wine don’t come from words you can’t pronounce. We use real fruit, like Fredericksburg peaches in our Bubbly Peach Moscato, and a variety of juicy grapes in our Rosso, Rosé, and Beau. No shortcuts are taken for flavor.

Convenient: Whether you’re on the go to a watch party, tailgate, or to the game itself, cans are easy to toss in your bag on your way out the door without any worries of breakage.

Casual: Canned wine is a more easy-going alternative to packing a glass wine bottle. There is no need for glasses or a corkscrew!

Earth-friendly: Tip your hat to your field’s turf! Our cans are recyclable and Earth-friendly!