Champanel Covered Wine Garten Arbor


February, Merrill and Paul travelled to Italy to participate in the Wine Pleasures International Wine Tourism Conference. Their travels took them to Campagnia and Orvieto. Along the way they came across an impressive outside arbor that caught their attention. As you can see from the pictures below the arbor was of solid construction and the plant coverage was very complete. Even though the grapes were in their dormant state for winter, they could tell that spring would bring a wonderful display.

Their thoughts turned to the new Messina Hof Hill Country facility in Fredericksburg and the potential use of something along these lines to cover the outside patio area. Pictures were shared with the MHHC management team and a new project was underway. The team identified Jack Wiemars of Hill Country Fencing as someone that could design and construct an arbor similar to the Italian unit.