Chicken Corn Chowder


Chicken corn chowder Yields 1 gallon   1 medium yellow onion (small dice) ¼ cup chopped garlic ½ # butter ½ # AP Flour 6 boneless, skinless chicken breast grilled and diced 12 ounces frozen corn 2 large potatoes washed and cubed ½ gallon chicken stock 1 quart 1/2+1/2 or heavy cream (your choice) 2Tbsp ground cumin powder Salt and pepper to taste 1/2 cup fresh chopped parsley   1.      In a heavy bottom pot melt the butter 2.      Add the onion and garlic cook briefly till onions are translucent 3.      Stir in flour and cook for several minutes 4.      Add the chicken stock and whisk well to remove the flour lumps 5.      Add a little extra chicken stock if needed to thin out soup base 6.      Add your potatoes and cook 30 minutes till tender when a knife is inserted 7.      Add the chicken , corn and 1/2+1/2 8.      Simmer another 30 minutes add your seasoning