Choosing A Good Restaurant


What a blessed week we have had! Four gold medals, an amazing bottle signing with Dee Dee at Cripple Creek on Saturday (thank you all who came), and we shared Bud Royer’s 60th birthday on Sunday. (Paul says that he is Bud’s brother from another mother.) Family and friends are what make every day so special.

Sophia Marie says Hi! She and I are discussing some of the photos from our cruise. What fabulous memories! She is also helping me prepare dinner tonight which reminded me of Paul’s 6 step rule for choosing a good restaurant in an unknown area. He has used this technique for 30 years and it always works. When you go into a big city and read all travel books, you are overloaded with information and need to figure out what to do through someone else’s eyes.

Try this when you get hungry:
1. Walk around looking at several different restaurants. Most good restaurants will have their menu’s posted outside. Look at the menu’s to see which cuisine sounds the best and fits your price range.

2. Check the number of people there who are speaking the native tongue. Look for the places where locals go.

3. Watch to see how many years the restaurant has been there.

4. Look for an extensive wine list.

5. Follow your nose. Determine who is using the greatest volume of garlic!

6. Look for priests and nuns. The more priests and nuns dining there the better.

In Rome we found La Papalino. It fulfilled all of the above criteria to the max. When we first went in, there were two priests. That is a good sign. Once we were seated two nuns came in to dine. We knew we had found the best and it was. We highly recommend it on your next trip to Rome.

To all who are fathers, I wish you the best Father’s Day ever. As a daughter, wife of a father, and mother of a father, I thank every father for all you do to protect and provide for your families. Thank you for all the sacrifices that you so willingly make. May you have a wonderful Father’s Day and may the Lord bless you indeed.