Choosing a Sparkling Wine Glass


America was made to sparkle! Independence Day is days away and what better way to celebrate than with a toast to freedom, liberty, and prosperity but did you know the taste of your bubbly can be affected by the shape of the glass. Whether you are drinking a sparkling white or sparkling rosé, the flavors of the wine will taste slightly different in different types of glassware.


Sparkling Wine Glasses

The Coupe

A coup glass, also known as the Champagne Coupe, is a low stemmed glass with a broad, shallow bowl. Sadly, this glass doesn’t get a lot of love and in fact many don’t know much about them. Most popular in the 1930s, this vintage style glass can elevate any gathering. However, the flat shape quickly aerates the wine making the bubbles disappear quickly allowing you to experience the flavors and aromas together. This glass can make a sparkling wine taste fruitier and softer. Our Texas Sparkling Brut is a great option to enjoy in a coupe glass as it softens the wine.

The Flute

The flute glass, the most popular of sparkling wine glasses, has a long, narrow shape which keeps the temperature and the bubbles in optimal condition. Why is this? The design of the glass, unlike that of the coupe, reduces surface area trapping the bubbles and aroma inside. This is the perfect glass for pre-pour events such as weddings or graduations where long speeches are pretty much inevitable. Try our crisp demi-sec Texas Sparkling Almond with this glass.


The Tulip

The tulip shaped glass, similar to the flute, has a slightly wider middle and a narrow opening. This shape maintains the temperature of the sparkling wine but also allows it to aerate slowly, controlling the acidity. Wines served in a tulip glass will typically have a stronger floral and fruity flavor as the space gives the wine more room to develop its flavors. This glass is a perfect fit for our Texas Sparkling Rosé.

Trumpet Flute

The trumpet flute glass, as the name implies, looks just like the brass instrument. The pinched bottom directs the bubbles upwards in a single line, rapidly delivering lots of flavor and aroma. Its sleek body makes this the perfect classy addition to your next party.

Tapered Wine Glass

If you don’t own a sparkling wine glass, that’s okay! Go for a large, tapered wine glass that mimics the style of the tulip. Remember this, the wider the bowl the more aromas the glass collects.


Trying different glasses is a fun experiment on flavor but no matter which glass you choose, sparkling wine will always be a drink that can be enjoyed wherever and whenever, with a group of friends or alone after a long, hard week.

Raise a glass and toast our nation’s independence this holiday with our sparkling wine collection!