Christmas Baking


Every year I get my “kitchen fix” baking for Christmas. Tradition requires homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning served with strong Italian espresso coffee and a splash of Anisette. The Papa Paulo Port brownie cake and an assortment of cookies and pies are usually on our table as well. In addition, each year I try something new. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. This year it worked so I wanted to share it with you.

With the extra Papa Paulo Port brownie cake batter, I made small petits fours cakes. Then I skewered the petits fours on tooth picks and dipped the cooled petits fours in a dark chocolate dipping sauce. They dried on the toothpick staged in a block of Styrofoam.

After the chocolate had hardened, I injected the interior cake with Orangecello. Orangecello is a liquor that I make from our Satsuma Oranges when they produce. It is similar to Lemoncello but has an orange flavor. You could use any liquor.

The injection is easily accomplished with a pastry syringe. The needle inserts into the same hole created when the toothpick is removed. Then place the petits fours on a plate to dry. If the cake tastes too dry, you can re-inject with more orangecello or any liquor.

Happy baking!