Cin cin! Italian Wine Phrases!


Ciao bella, come stai? Stiamo molto bene!

Listening to the vibrant and playful rhythm of Italian makes us feel right at home.

Our story begins back in the 1800s, when the ancestors of our founders (the Bonarrigos) started making wine in beautiful Messina, Sicily. Because of this, at the heart of who we are lies the influence of Italia.

This Summer, that influence is inspiring us to improve our Italian vocabulary. Turn up the romance, impress your friends, or just learn something new today and use our 10 Best Italian Phrases to Describe Wine!

  1. Il vino è molto saporito  The wine is very flavorful.
    Say this phrase to your waiter next time you order a glass of Messina Hof wine!
  2. Preferisco rosso  I prefer red
    Utilize Italian when you need to one-up that friend who prefers white wine more than red. (We agree, red is totally so much better.)
  3. Mi piace di più il vino bianco  I like white wine more
    Utilize Italian when you need to one-up that friend who prefers red wine more than white. (We agree, white is totally so much better.)
  4. Posso un bicchiere di Rosato?  May I have a glass of Rosé?
    Yes, yes you may.
  5. Andando alla cantina di Messina Hof I am going to Messina Hof Winery!
    For when your loved ones ask where you’ll be this afternoon. (Pfft, as if they had to ask. It’s so obvious.)
  6. La ‘Sparkling Muscat Canelli’ è dolce e frizzante  The Sparkling Muscat Canelli is sweet and bubbly
    The perfect reply to the question, “How is your wine?”
  7. Il Paulo Tempranillo è più corposo e secco The Paulo Tempranillo is full-bodied and dry.
    Now when people ask you what your favorite wine is like, you can wow them with your response!
  8. Nel vino cè la verità  In wine, there is the truth.
    An old Italian proverb—this phrase is the perfect thing to say after a special someone tipsily confesses his or her love for you. Take each other’s hands and enjoy the love and truth that pours out.
  9. Grazie per l’assagio  Thank you for the wine tasting
    Add an Italian flair to a simple thank-you next time you’re at our wine bar!
  10. Cin cin! (chin-chin) A toast to celebrate
    It’s summer and wine exists. Sounds like enough reason to “Cheers!” to us!