Cool Down with Fun Sangria Facts


Sangria is a punch traditionally made with red wine and chopped fruit. We suggest trying our Sangria with your favorite fruits!

Honoring the drink’s red hue, the term Sangria is believed to have derived from “sangre,” the Spanish word for blood.

Sangria rose to popularity in the United States during the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. Spain’s sponsored pavilion featured the drink and the rest is history!

Sangria that uses white wine instead of red has become a new favorite. This version of the drink is referred to as Sangria blanca.

Traditionally, Spanish sangria is made with Tempranillo, but you can use your favorite red wines to create this refreshing summer beverage.

Although Sangria makes for the perfect warm weather drink, this cocktail is enjoyed all year round with National Sangria Day being celebrated on December 20th!

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