Decanting Wine


– For red wine, it ranges from traditional to decent but any wine can be decanted.

-With decanting, it interacts with the air helping release bouquet and flavor.

-Older wines may have left a deposit in the bottle and need decanting.

-A top reason to decant wines is to remove sediment to avoid going into the glass.

Ports and Tawny do not require decanting.

-It is suggested to decant a wine no more than an hour before serving and even lesser if it is an older wine.

-How to decant a wine:

1. Open the bottle carefully with extracting the cork smoothly.

2. Pour the wine slowly it a decant bottle with a filter screen to remove all sediment.

3. Let the wine stand for a few minutes to air out and then serve. 

-Also try a Vinturi Wine Aerator

– A wine aerator allows a wine to breathe and taste better.

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