Distinctions of Wine-On-Tap


With the upcoming grand re-opening of The Wine Bar, Messina Hof is very excited to introduce one of its biggest new additions to the establishment: Wine Unvined: Wine-on-Tap! Unlike Messina Hof’s bottled wine, tapsthe new wine-on-tap will be unfiltered to provide an exceptional and unique wine-tasting experience. When wine is filtered, sediments and bacteria are removed which causes the wine to lose certain flavor components that these sediments provide.

Our unfiltered wine-on-tap will be fresh from the wine-making process, meaning it will contain safe, naturally occurring sediments and bacteria.

Messina Hof’s production manager, David Fenech, calls this occurrence “bottle shock.” He explains that, “Bottle shock is a condition, not a flaw. It means the wine loses some of its aroma when filtered. It comes back though, but it takes some time. That’s why we store our bottled wines.” The wine-on-tap you’ll find at The Wine Bar will be right out of the production process and will have a distinctly fresh and full taste. David calls this “the true essence of wine.”

Since many wine drinkers do not usually get the chance to partake in an incomparable “wine-on-tap” experience, we urge you to come to our grand re-opening to see (and taste!) what it is all about! The grand re-opening will be Wednesday, June 12th from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The wines available on tap rotate, but on this day we will feature Messina Hof’s signature Sangria Dulcé, Moscato Alotto, Merlot Classique, and King Cabernet. We hope to see you at The Wine Bar soon!