Does the season of the year have any impact on what wine is served with a particular dish?


Seasons change, and when they do, so do the wines we drink. Each season brings its special harvest of produce, herbs, and spices. With these seasonal ingredients, you should consider the climate to help you choose a wine for dinner. It is not so much about the specific vintages being appropriate in one season and unacceptable in the other, but rather which characteristics of certain wines match well with the foods we associate with that season.

Most people tend to enjoy crisp, light white wines in the heat of summer, and rich robust reds in the cool autumn, and of course, a velvety port by a winter fire. In the cold winter season, you eat a lot of thick, hearty soups, stews or roasts. Therefore, winter is a perfect time to pair these traditional foods with Messina Hof’s Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. As summer approaches and the weather turns warm, light and easy-to-prepare foods take precedent, like salads, grilled vegetables and seafood. The wine you choose should have that same light chilly and not to serious appeal. A simple choice could be Messina Hof’s Zinfandel or Sauvignon Blanc to pair with a light meal such as seafood salads or sandwiches. If searching for something a little sweeter, try our Angel Riesling or new Moscato. A perfect pair for Barbecue is a red wine that can be chilled, like Messina Hof’s Beau. No matter what your favorite wines maybe, there are always several great choices of wine to pair for each season of traditional food.

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