Drinking Wine and Healthy Living


Living a healthy lifestyle seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. We have great news! You can enjoy wine while still being healthy! In fact, there are many benefits of drinking wine. That’s right, look and feel great while relishing in a glass or two! Here’s a few things to know about drinking wine and healthy living:

Wine may be the vitamin you never knew you needed. Studies suggest that the antioxidents in wine may offer many cardioprotective benefits as well as support anti-aging. Plus, as wine decreases your stress level and endorphins kick in, your heart gets happier!

White wine lovers can rejoice! A common myth is that the health benefits of white wine pale in comparison to red wine; however, this isn’t entirely true. Although red wine has a higher degree of antioxidants, they are also found in white wine. So, go ahead and open that Pinot Grigio!

On a diet? Wine not include wine? Even if you’re dieting, you don’t have to omit wine! According to the Wine Spectator, wine-friendly diets include the Mediterranean diet, Ketogenic diet, WW Freestyle and many others.

Sip a glass of wine instead of drinking beer and cocktails. Wine is a lower calorie option than many mixed drinks and beers.

Studies have found that people who drink wine in moderation have lower body masses than those who drink liquor. The alcohol in wine may help your body burn extra calories for as long as 90 minutes after drinking a glass.

Water you doing? Drink some H2O. Follow this discipline: With every glass of wine, drink a glass of water. This tactic helps ensure you’ll stay hydrated, which is key to drinking alcohol and still feeling great.

Create perfect pairings with healthy foods. Some great options to snack on include Charcuterie boards topped with fruit, nuts, crackers, meat and cheeses or whole-grain tortilla chips with fresh tomato salsa! Click here for fruit and wine pairings