Eggcellent Easter Candy & Wine Pairings!


Easter Candy

Why should the kids have all the fun this Easter? Try these 4 Easter Candy and Messina Hof wine pairings specially selected by our very own Karen Bonarrigo!

Orange Muscat with Peeps: Even if Peeps isn’t your go-to candy, you’ll likely enjoy this beautifully balanced and fantastically fun pairing. The citrus of Orange Muscat with the light and toasty flavors of a Peep create a soft and semi-sweet harmony near perfection!

Solera Texas Sherry with Cadbury Eggs: Chocolate lovers rejoice! Multiple textures in the creamy, milk chocolate Cadbury Egg paired with the weight of Solera Texas Sherry creates for a long, almost heavenly finish. Two words – Decadent and delightful!

Pinot Noir with Mini Robin Eggs: Pair your Pinot Noir with this toasty treat! The malted texture of a Mini Robin Egg combined with the rich and elegant Pinot Noir brings together two classics for a wonderful new favorite.

Sparkling Rose with Lifesavor Jellybeans: The versatility of Sparkling Rose deliciously matches with the variety of the jellybeans. This bubbly wine compliments the tart taste of the jellybeans leaving a fruit finish.

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