Excellent Wine and Fruit Pairings


When pairing fruit with wine, you want to keep it simple. It’s an easy way to eat and entertain. Not only is the fruit and wine pairings simple, they are satisfying and they enhance the complexities of both.

When pairing with pears – you want to look for a light-bodied wine with floral notes. This pairing will make the pear more prominent. However, with citrus you have endless possibilities when pairing them to wine.With grapefruits you want to look for a wine with high acidity such a Sauvignon Blanc, this is a great fruit to pair with the wine. Tangerines or oranges go great with Unoaked Chardonnay.

With any sort of berry you want to look for Sparkling wines, Late-Harvest Riesling or Zinfandel. When thinking about pairing fruit with wine you want to balance out the acidity between the two.

You can’t go wrong when pairing fruit with wine, just make sure you choose the wine first then pick which fruit to go with it! That way at least throughout the entertaining you are enjoying your favorite wine!

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