Family Scrapbook


Sophia Marie wants to feed the fish, draw in my bible study book, water the plants, read her entire library, play me a song on the piano, watch Baby Einstein, cook, eat, sweep the kitchen, and help fold the clothes – all within 4 hours.  What a blessing!  I would not truly know my granddaughter if I did not have these precious moments with her.  The same is true for family, organizations, employees, churches, etc.  We do not truly know each other unless we take the time to spend time together.  Unfortunately, our lives are so busy that we do not have the time to take the time to know others.  Work-force relationships are often stronger than home-based relationships.

Messina Hof encourages employees to bring other family members to join in Messina Hof family fun.  Last Sunday was a Messina Hof family picnic.  Employees, spouses, children, and close friends gathered for BBQ and fellowship. We all greeted new members to our Messina Hof family and got to know each other a little better.  Sophia Marie met Gracie.  They took very good care of the turtles.

Celebrations provide perfect opportunities to spend quality time together. 

1)  Treat Dad to a special bottle of wine and lunch with the family this Father’s Day.  Give him a card that lists all the wonderful things you appreciate about him. 

2)  July 4th is coming.  You can do fireworks, but we prefer to celebrate Independence Day at the winery with a relaxing picnic with wine near the lake with family.  Later that night we watch all the fireworks in the comfort of our easy chairs with a glass of wine. 

3)  Harvest: a perfect time for a family reunion, gather at the vineyard to share in the harvest activities and create lasting memories.  Let the outgoing family members compete for the Big Kahuna while you cheer them on! 

4)  Birthdays and anniversaries offer creative opportunities to share the love.  Private tours, Wine Appreciation Classes, TGI Wine Sundays all provide great party get-togethers and we do all the work!

These are just a few suggestions but all are easy to do and provide new opportunities to celebrate.